Couples Counselling

“We had worked with another counsellor for almost three years and felt enormous frustration that we were going no where fast. A good friend recommended Daniel and from day one we BOTH felt completely comfortable with Daniel. I would say that even after 2 sessions we were already heading down the right track. Daniel helped us identify our issues, helped us deal with them in a direct and individual way. He has guided us through our journey to healing our relationship. I cannot thank him enough, he is a true GIFT to not only myself but to our relationship.”

Thank you Daniel
Kate, Victoria BC

Individual Counselling

“I came to Daniel for counseling during a very difficult time in my life. Daniel gave me the ability to openly share in a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental and honest environment. He placed the focus on my needs, my personal objectives, and through discussions and exercises, taught me to be aware of my own values and strengths. Daniel is attentive, sensitive and offers frank guidance. Thanks to his understanding, encouragement and gentle humor, I am a more focused, positive and above-all, happier partner, parent and person!”

Samantha, Victoria BC

Couples Counselling

“Daniel is an exceptional counsellor: sensitive, yet straightforward and practical. I credit him with saving our relationship when I thought it was over, and with giving me the tools to keep it — and me — on the right track. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Bob, Victoria BC

Individual Counselling

“Life is a wonderful thing when your view forward is clear and concise. If you have crap blocking your vision…… call Daniel. He is kind. He is tough. He’s a game changer!”

Kevin, Hawaii USA

Couples Counselling

“Daniel has been a gift for our relationship. He is one of the most effective therapists I know, and having been in this profession myself for over twenty years, I’ve known a lot. Daniel has a style that combines compassion and empathy with enormous spirit and enthusiasm. His dedication to the work is clear, and one of his greatest strengths, to me, has been his tenacity and ‘stick-to-it-iveness’. He doesn’t give up on his clients or let them off the hook easily– which I’ve seen other counsellors do—but he manages to challenge without losing trust. Daniel possesses a wonderful balance of intuition, practical problem-solving, wit, humour, and intelligence—I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help for their relationship”

Barbara, Victoria BC

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