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Daniel M. Hughes Counselling

Collaborative, engaging and interactive counselling is the approach I find most effective when working with individuals and couples in counselling. My direct and sensitive counselling style coupled with proven counselling methods get to the root of my client’s challenges, so that together we create the most efficient path forward.

Through the combination of insight, intuition, emotional support, guidance, and gentle humor, I help clients gain perspective on their problems as well as clarity about how to resolve them. My counselling practice located in Victoria BC is based in a deep belief that you can access new strengths, learn new skills and gain new insights, all of which will move you in the direction of your goals and dreams.

Counselling Services

Individual Counselling

Providing self awareness and, self management tools and a strong resolve

Child Counselling

My natural humour and direct approach
helps with kids.

Victim Services

Providing counselling for Victims of Violence.

Couples Counselling

Creating a plan to keep your
marriage on course.

Marathon Couples Counselling

Taking successful couples relationships
to a deeper level.

Family Counselling

Giving each family member an opportunity.
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