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Helpful links

On this page you will find some useful links to other websites and further information, they are informative sources only.


British Columbia Association of  Clinical Counsellors Association  

The Gottman Institute   www.gottman.com/

The Gottman Relationship Institute provides practical, research-based tools to strengthen and repair marriages & relationships.


A place for new and expectant parents.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression Canada describes depression, and provides information about symptoms and treatment.

Survivors of Abuse

1in6 : a great website providing information and support aimed at men who have had unwanted sexual experiences, and their partners, friends, and family.

xris.com: Chris Kreussling's wonderful resource-rich website about sexual abuse, with many references and links for male survivors.

Addictions and Substance Abuse

Angels Community Support Network: a website where you can find up-to-date recovery news, information and help with addictions and aftercare.

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse: Call rethink (604.803.2600) if you have questions about substance abuse. We have a broad range of experience in this field and can help you to obtain a referral for treatment, as well as explain the role of counselling in substance abuse treatment and recovery.

Human Sexuality Issues

sexualityandu.ca: the ultimate Canadian website devoted to sexuality education and information. This site provides credible and reliable information on many topics related to sexuality.

General Links to Mental Health sites

Mental Health Resources: covers a range of mental health issues.

Mental Health Links by Dr. Bob: you'll find a wide-ranging list of mental health links on this website, including links to many organizations, and lots of information on medications and drug interactions.

Eating Disorders

NEDIC: the National Eating Disorder Information Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating, informing and advocating support for disordered eating.

Divorce and Separation Information

Millenniumdivorce.com: provides divorce information and help, developed and written by divorce lawyers and family law attorneys to answer your questions.

Collaborative Divorce BC: the alternative to a ‘nasty’ divorce is to create a collaborative separation, which seeks to minimize the negative economic, social, and emotional consequences of traditional family law litigation. Teams of professionals work together with family members towards a more positive outcome. The process depends on the unique needs and circumstances of each family.

Divorce info: great information and links about how to handle divorce and how to cope with children’s fears and questions.

Violence, Families, Youth, and Support

Battered Women's Support Services: information on support groups and other services for women who have suffered abuse in their relationships. BWSS operates from a feminist perspective.