Daniel M Hughes MFT, RCC Counselling - Changing Lives

People are not taught how to have a successful relationship or how to be good parents, how to know what a baby is communicating, how to best interact with their baby, how to stay close to their partner when they are tired or cranky, how to keep dads involved and feeling relevant, or how to identify the signs of relationship meltdown before they damage the couples relationship. In this workshop, we will learn the latest cutting-edge research-based skills that will make it easier for you.

Scientists in the field of psychology have shown that psycho-education in the form of workshops like this one are an effective way to protect your relationship during the transition phases.



The Bringing Baby Home Workshop in Victoria BC really helps:

A research study conducted at the University of Washington in Seattle by Dr. Allyson Shapiro and Dr. John Gottman studied the "Bringing Baby Home" preventative intervention using a psycho-educational format. They found that the workshop was effective over time compared to the control group (group that had no intervention at all). The control group consisted new parents that were promised the workshop at the end of the time they were followed (when their babies were 3 years old)

The workshop showed significant positive results over time in the variables studied: marital quality, psychopathology (post- partum depression), and observed marital hostility. The control group couples evidenced decline levels of relationship quality, including decreased satisfaction, greater problem intensity, and loss positive communication, whereas the intervention couples maintained or improved their already high level functioning. Three years after the intervention, the results were even stronger.