Daniel M Hughes MFT, RCC Counselling - Changing Lives

Q. Can we attend the workshop if we are not married?

A. Yes! Many couples in Victoria BC attend who are not married. I encourage unmarried, cohabitating or same sex couples to participate in the workshop

Q. Can i come to the workshop alone? My partner does not want to come?

A. I do not recommend this program to individuals. It is intended for couples in Victoria BC and I find that the time dedicated to many of the skills and relationship exercises is only valuable when 2 people are present.

Q. Can i bring my children to the workshop?

A. Infants and babies up to 6 months old are welcome. Toddlers and children need more attention and may be too distracting for you and your partner to get the most out of this workshop. Since there is no childcare available during the workshop, I ask that you arrange alternate child care so you and your partner can focus on each other and discover how the two of you can become the best parenting team possible.

Q. do we have to attend the whole workshop or just the parts that address issues we are currently experiencing?

A. It is recommended that each couple in Victoria BC attend the workshop in its entirety. The information provided and the skills that are taught are intended to build upon one another. Most couples report that attending the whole workshop is extremely valuable.

Q. is the workshop like group therapy or couples therapy?

A. No. The Bringing Baby Home 12 hour workshop in Victoria BC is intended to be an enjoyable way for you and your partner to gain relationship knowledge and skills in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere. There is no expectation that you will share personal information with anyone, and you will have ample opportunity to discuss things privately with each other. If after taking the workshop you feel your issues go beyond what this workshop offered you, you can discuss with Daniel what additional resources are available in your community.