Daniel M Hughes MFT, RCC Counselling - Changing Lives


About the Workshop

The Bringing Baby Home workshop in Victoria BC is designed to help parents transition to parenthood. The workshop is 12 hours long, but is being offered in various formats. It is offered over the course of two days, from 9 am to 4 pm each day, and on a six week schedule of meeting  once a week for two hours. At Mothering Touch (mothering touch.ca) we have set up a “Drop-in Relationship Tune-Up Date night” on the last Friday of every month.

During the workshop, you and your partner will have an opportunity to interact with each other while you learn the latest research- based relationship and co-parenting skills that marriage and family experts are teaching their clients. Daniel Hughes will teach you essential skills and explain how research studies have found these skills to specifically target the needs of new parents.

The workshop is a psycho-educational intervention that provides couples with research-based information that can dramatically change the course of your relationship. The workshop is focused on
providing couples and new parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to cope constructively with the birth of a child. Through lecture, group discussion, and planned exercises, the BBH workshop teaches couples how to strengthen their friendship, increase intimacy, regulate conflict, and how to better interpret the natural changes that occur in relationships and the necessary developmental stages that new parents pass through.


Through lecture, exercises, and video presentations, Daniel Hughes teaches couples to co-parent with their partner, to foster child development, and to see the value of keeping dad involved.

He teaches skills for sensitive and responsive parenting in an effort to promote healthier children in the emotional, social, cognitive and physical realms. Additionally, the BBH workshop encourages early parent- infant dialogue and increases positive communication, ritual development, and shared meaning for the whole family.

Bringing Baby Home is a fun way to learn skills and strengthen your relationship. In a relaxed atmosphere, you and your partner will learn how to best adjust to parenthood. You will have many opportunities to discuss specific issues privately and try new ways of relating that can immediately enhance your relationship.

Everyone will tell you that big changes are ahead of you and family and friends will fill you with bits and pieces of advice. Although their advice is well meaning, adjusting to parenthood remains challenging for most couples. By taking this workshop you will take the mystery out of how transitioning from being a couple to being a family can be done effectively.