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A Workshop for new and
expecting Parents

Learn Parenting and relationship skills THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME

Bringing Baby Home is a workshop in Victoria BC designed to teach pregnant and parenting couples how to maintain or increase their relationship satisfaction after becoming parents.

Congratulations! You are transitioning from being a couple to becoming a family. The joys of parenting that await you are indescribable. If you are like most modern day couples, you want to create a strong family base for your child to thrive.

Like most couples who are expecting a baby, we know that you want to be good parents and provide the best for your children.

With such strong focus on the baby, it is easy to forget about the relationship between you and your partner. This is natural and happens to most couples transitioning to parenthood. However, by attending this workshop, you can take the first step towards building a strong relationship between you and your partner, and your children.



When a baby arrives, everything changes. Parents must adapt to the 24/7 care of a new, vulnerable infant – an enormous task. Not surprisingly, 40-70% of couples experience stress, profound conflict and drops in marital satisfaction during this time, all of which affects their baby’s care.

The Bringing Baby Home project at the newly founded Relationship Research Institute seeks to address these problems.

In this two-day parenting workshop, pregnant couples and parents of toddlers will learn how to:

  • Avoid marital meltdown and increase relationship satisfaction
  • Deal with stress and understand that it is normal when a baby arrives
  • Keep both parents involved in the infant care
  • Co-parent effectively and improve the quality of parent-infant interaction
  • Better understand early childhood development

The next Workshop is In Victoria BC on Sunday's November 4th and 11th.

The hope is that by strengthening their own relationships, parents will better address and model healthy emotional and intellectual development in their children.

The Bringing Baby Home program format in Victoria BC involves a two-day workshop with one day focusing on strengthening the marriage and getting to know the baby and day two addressing the regulation of conflict and building strong family relations. Detailed background materials are provided so couples can revisit specific topics and intervention strategies.




Prepare yourself for life with your baby and discover how to be the best team possible. In a relaxed and supportive environment, learn how to strengthen your relationship with your partner and foster your baby’s development during this new and challenging time in your life. Daniel Hughes is a licenced clinical counselor and father, with exceptional presentation skills; his style is fun and engaging.

Workshop developed by Phd’s –
Drs. John and Julie Gottman

This workshop, developed by renowned relationship experts, Dr’s. John and Julie Gottman, helps prepare you for the most important and rewarding job you will ever have, raising a child. In his research with thousands of couples, John Gottman has determined that a significant decrease in the relationship satisfaction occurs after the birth.

Dr. Gottman’s research shows that couples who have taken this workshop experience;

  • A significantly lower rate of postpartum depression
  • A decrease in relationship hostility
    A higher level of relationship satisfaction

This is a wonderful opportunity for pregnant couples and those with toddlers. Couples are encouraged to register for this course in third trimester of pregnancy or during the first year after their baby arrives.

The real cradle that holds your baby is the emotional world between the two of you.